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Главная » Schmersal Schmersal - решения по безопасности на Motek — Электротехнические и электромеханические компоненты

Schmersal — решения по безопасности на Motek

Schmersal security solutions at MotekSchmersal представила (на выставке Motek) инновационные компоненты, системы безопасности и решения, которые помогают производственным компаниям внедрять цифровые технологии будущего.

Schmersal предлагает сосредоточиться на обмене данными и коммуникацией оборудования — с целью достижения повышения эффективности, производительности и гибкости систем безопасности.

Ассортимент представленного оборудования Schmersal включает: датчики безопасности и блокираторы с технологией RFID, соленоид блокировки AZM400, систему установки безопасности с интерфейсом SD, услуги по безопасности.

С оригиналом можно ознакомиться в оригинале пресс-релиза Schmersal

At this year’s Motek, the Schmersal Group is presenting safety systems and solutions which help production companies introduce the digital technologies of the future. The Industry 4.0 strategies primarily focus on data exchange and communication with a view to achieving increased efficiency and improving productivity and flexibility. Schmersal safety technology can help.

RFID-based safety sensors and interlocks
Schmersal is showcasing a new generation of RFID-based safety interlocks and sensors which can also transfer non-secure information, such as status data or error messages. RFID safety sensors monitoring the position of safety doors can, for example, send an electronic warning signal when defined offset limits are reached, before the machine is switched off. Increased system availability can be achieved as a result. At the same time, this safety switchgear is easy to incorporate into communication networks.

For example, the new AZM400 solenoid interlock from Schmersal stands out thanks to its high 10,000 Newton interlocking force and also demonstrates how intelligent sensor systems can prevent unnecessary machine and system downtime. The AZM400 consists of the interlock unit with a motor-powered locking bolt, which projects into the locking opening of an actuator. By communicating with the RFID tag in the actuator, a safety-compliant RFID sensor monitors the correct position of the safety door and is responsible for ejecting the locking bolt. During the ejection process, its position is monitored by an intelligent magnetic field detection system in the locking bolt in conjunction with the actuator in order to detect error conditions. If the locking bolt does not reach its “locked” status at the first attempt at locking, a second attempt is made automatically. Only if this also fails does the AZM400 report a malfunction. This reduces the
number of error messages.

The new safety installation system with SD interface
Schmersal is presenting a new networking option at Motek: the safety installation system with SD interface. This is an installation tool for simple, cost-efficient wiring of safety switches connected in series, with the “Serial Diagnostics” interface used for the transfer of non-secure data. Safety sensors and solenoid interlocks fitted with an SD interface can transfer extensive diagnostics data from the individual devices connected in series via the SD gateway and a fieldbus to a controller. With the MZM100-SD non-contact magnetic solenoid interlock, this can be, for example, diagnostics data or error messages, such as “magnet temperature too high”, “operating voltage too low” or “actuator faulty”. This means problems can be resolved more quickly. In future, extended diagnostics functions will also allow preventative maintenance and the avoidance of errors and machine downtime. Up to 31 safety sensors and solenoid interlocks can communicate via the SD gateway. The data can be displayed on screens.

tec.nicum: Safety services
The newly founded Schmersal Group services division, tec.nicum, is also presenting its extensive range of safety services at Motek. The portfolio includes training and seminars, consultancy services on machine and plant safety and engineering, i.e. planning, design and programming
of safety technical solutions through to assembly of safety products
and systems. The primary objective is the implementation of efficient safety solutions which guarantee not only employee safety but also increased productivity.

О компании Schmersal и оборудовании безопасности